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From .tpl to .php

From .tpl to .php

Monday 19 April 2010 10:44:37 am - 1 reply

Hey everyone.. Starting this monday off with a question I just can't seem to figure out:

I have made a module, that integrates with a external site, and fetches the a list of shows available at a theatre and generates a "buy tickets" button. The module works, both by accessing is directly by the url or in a template. I get the information needed, and everyone is happy... So far...

Now the problem is; at my site i would like to get the tickets available for just one of the shows (when entering mysite.com/shows/show-x/), and getting the option to buy it directly from that site too..
To be able to do this I would have to provide my script with a title id. How do i do that?
Is it possible to pass a value from a .tpl file to the module?

Monday 19 April 2010 11:23:06 am

I think what you want is either a view parameter or ordered/unordered parameter. Take a look at the ordered/unordered section here:



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