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GD Fixed in 3.1?

GD Fixed in 3.1?

Wednesday 18 June 2003 7:22:04 pm - 8 replies

Have the issues with using the GD library without ImageMagick been fixed in the betas? If not will they be fixed in the final version of 3.1?



Thursday 19 June 2003 4:51:10 pm

Not yet but you can try this for now

Thursday 19 June 2003 6:42:04 pm


Thanks for the patch! Do I just need to unzip it into the ezPublish directory on my server? Or is their a UNIX program to run on it?



Thursday 19 June 2003 8:04:20 pm

if you get the

bzip2 -dc ezpublish-3.1.0-2-GD.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -

will extract it to a directory called zpublish-3.1.0-2-GD

Friday 20 June 2003 11:49:37 pm

After downloading the file 'ezpublish-3.1.0-2-GD.tar.tar' from your site it decompreses it to a 'ezpublish-3.1.0-2-GD' directory which includes all the eZ publish 3.1.0-2 again. Do I really need/have to replace all the files again? Is there a 'quick fix' thing?

I hope the eZ crew gets this bug out before the final release which is coming up soon.



Modified on Friday 20 June 2003 11:52:45 pm by geovanni rosetto

Saturday 21 June 2003 4:50:26 am

Sure download the diff and apply it using patch

Monday 23 June 2003 5:43:01 pm

Looks like gd is fixed in 3.1. > from the svn.

Make shure to change your image defaults like




Modified on Tuesday 24 June 2003 3:39:41 pm by Douglas Hammond

Friday 27 June 2003 5:52:23 pm

Just wanted to drop a note to confirm that GD support is indeed fixed in the final version of 3.1 and to say thanks to Douglas Hammond for all of the help. For those having issues with 3.1, make sure to note his point of changing your image settings to use GD as they come preconfigured for convert (ImageMagick).


Tuesday 01 July 2003 3:35:56 pm

after many hundred of hours ez3 works with GD !!!!!!
think have a lot of beer today.

(it works finally after changing not only image.ini.append.php but image.ini too)

happy.gif Emoticon happy.gif Emoticon happy.gif Emoticon


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