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German ez Users?

German ez Users?

Saturday 04 October 2003 4:23:52 pm - 4 replies

Hello out there,
after a short discussion with Bard and regarding ez's appearance at the Systems in Munich, I'd just like to know, who in the forums is german / speaking german / living in germany.
I do NOT want to create a german forum or community, because i think, that would be a bad idea. I also do not want to switch to german language for the same reason.

But maybe we could coordinate a trip to the Systems fair (I just saw, that on Tuesday, 21th oct., they main topic is "Content Management".) ... and/or start a german translation of documentation parts.

So: Who's out there? blunk.gif Emoticon

About me: I'm living near of Karlsruhe, Baden-W├╝rttemberg. I'm 29 and use ezPublish since Version 2.0. I do plan to go to the Systems fair, but I do not yet know, if it will be possible. If I go, I probably will use the train.... or travel by car using the A8 from Karlsruhe to Munich.

And -as my User is broken at ez.no at the moment-
I'm Marco Zinn from Hyperroad Design blunk.gif Emoticon

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Saturday 04 October 2003 5:46:42 pm

Hi Marco,
I'm living in Karlsruhe too, I am a student of computer science at the university of Karlsruhe and I know ezPublish since Version 3.0-2. My name is Thomas Schamm, I'm 22 and am using ezP at the moment for creating a Homepage for my skiing club. I'm not sure, if I will go to the Systems fair, because of schedules at university. I've no car, so it would only be possible to go by train.

Greetz, Thomas

Monday 06 October 2003 9:26:59 am

will be there, although eZP is on standby for me right now. I'm from Munich, so I'll find my way blunk.gif Emoticon

Lookin' forward to it!

Monday 06 October 2003 10:11:14 am

Try to be there too (I am from Munich). Anyone has set dates, yet?


Tuesday 07 October 2003 5:56:20 am

Hi there,

I'm also German. I have been involved with eZ publish for over 2.5 years. I based my diploma thesis on eZ publish 2.x (part of it was the development of the original nVH-code) and also was an eZ employee for a short time (first versions of eZ setup and online editor). I always enjoyed working with the eZ crew. They are great.

I'm 27 years old and live currently in Shanghai, China, working for an German IT company in the GIS/Photogrammetry sector. Unfortunately, we only use eZ publish for our website at the moment, but I hope to increase that in the future.

Best regards,


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