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Give user other rights...

Give user other rights...

Friday 18 July 2003 1:09:28 pm - 4 replies


I'd like to know what would be the best way to archive this:
When users register to the site, their account goes to user group "Registered" and if they want they can by additional features in the site, so when they have paid their user info moves from "registered" to "Paid" user group... Both of the groups have different roles and permissions.

Now I just need to know what would be the best way to move the user data from group to another...
Workflow? (Not very familiar) Module? PHP? (This one would be easy, if eZ would support PHP better...)


Friday 18 July 2003 1:43:05 pm

eZ publish is written in PHP. How can eZ publish support PHP better? You have the full source code in PHP also.

BTW: What you are describing can be done with workflows after payment in the shopping module. And yes, workflows are programmed in PHP. We actually use this here on ez.no.


Friday 18 July 2003 5:02:06 pm

Hi Bård,

What I meant about supporting PHP "better" was easier use in templates... blunk.gif Emoticon

But thanks for your answer, I try to study the workflows...


Friday 18 July 2003 7:08:49 pm

Ok, the way to use PHP in templates is via operators. We could have added a function like {php} {/php}, but we will not do that. This goes against our software philosophy.


Friday 18 July 2003 8:33:38 pm

Jerry, you may want to check out this related thread: http://ez.no/developer/ez_publish...rum/general/php_support_in_templates



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