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Help with RSS!

Help with RSS!

Wednesday 06 February 2013 10:10:15 am - 2 replies

Hi guys;

Its been long time that i am struggling with a problem with my rss feed and i dont find THE solution.

I have created a blog class with blog posts class sub-nodes.

then i created a RSS export (myBlogRss) . 

i chose the correct source address which is my blog, and sub-nodes active!

for class i have chosen my blog post class!   

well, then i have added in my BLOG template: 

{def $rss_export = fetch( 'rss', 'export_by_node', hash( 'node_id', $node.node_id ) )}

then i added:

    {if $rss_export} 

      <div class="attribute-rss-icon"> 

          <a href="{concat( '/rss/feed/', $rss_export.access_url )|ezurl( 'no' )}" title="{$rss_export.title|wash()}">

<img src="{'rss-icon.gif'|ezimage( 'no' )}" alt="{$rss_export.title|wash()}" />




<h1>no RSS</h1>



in blog page the response is always : no RSS!!

Well ! then when i click on the Exoprt Rss in admin interface , i see the rss page with no image ... 

I dont find where is the problem. can anyone just tell me what is the problem. because apparentely nobody ever got a problem with RSS! 

thanks so much!

Wednesday 06 February 2013 10:09:14 pm

Hi!Did you add the policy "RSS / feed / No limitations" to the Anonymous role?Cheers!

Friday 08 February 2013 4:58:53 pm

Yes I did , but it is bizzare because when i add {$rss_export|attribute(show,2)} i dont have anything inside!


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