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Hmmmmmm! paypal and other modules etc.

Hmmmmmm! paypal and other modules etc.

Sunday 13 July 2003 6:00:51 pm - 3 replies

I posted a query a while back regarding paypal gateway. No response.

I need a gateway for paypal, up to now knowbody has responded, if it a question of money I would be prepared to pay a reasonable amount.

What I don't understand is why would you offer a shopping basket without the modules for payment gateways etc.
A lot of us are not programmers, but would be interested in using Ez but find it too difficult to configure for shopping baskets. I have looked though your forum regarding this and find referrals to workflows, but this is way beyond me, and I assume many others too.

katieD @

Modified on Sunday 13 July 2003 7:36:55 pm by Katie D

Sunday 13 July 2003 7:40:10 pm

Paypal support is planned released as a 3rd party plugin. We've not included any payment gateways in eZ publish since it's vendor specific. Payment gateways like this will most likely never be part of the eZ publish core since it crashes with the philosophy.

You can expect to see several payment gateways available for eZ publish in the future as plugins.


Monday 14 July 2003 9:44:49 am

Thanks for the info. I am wanting to get going soon - are the modules, especially paypal going to be posted in the near future or????

I hate to give up on it just because of time.

Monday 08 September 2003 1:10:44 pm

dear ezcrew,

when do you plan to release atleast one pulgin. Then only fellow developers will be able to review and release other plugins.
What do you say?

tx and regards,


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