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How about "Edit your user data" feature?

How about "Edit your user data" feature?

Saturday 12 July 2003 2:30:00 pm - 1 reply


is the "user can edit his data" problems solved?
What I need:
- User can edit his own data, like Name and Password
- "Passwort-forgot"-Feature (mail me a new password)
.... just like in 2.x.


Sunday 13 July 2003 1:52:06 pm

That functionality is already there. Look in kernel/user/ for the views you can use. For example, trying http://<your-site>/user/forgotpassword will bring up the screen for getting a new password.

For more on editing a profile look at:


and there is another good thread here on the forums about this but i can't seem to find it with search at the moment. basically, yes you can do all you asked for with ez 3 at the moment.


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