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How does the search engine work?

How does the search engine work?

Monday 14 July 2003 6:34:56 pm - 2 replies


I'm developing an improvement for eZ. The objective is to add a semantic search option.

I´ve been studing the basics for eZ and I couldn't find a detailed explanation about the serach engine.

I need this to decide if I do this semantic search as a plug-in or a completly new feature.

Any documentation you can provide me will be great!



Monday 14 July 2003 7:59:32 pm

There is not much documentation about the search engine framework. But the search engine will index all objects which are searchable.
You will find the implementation in the folder:

What excactly are you looking for? I will try to get the documentation updated here as soon as possible.


Thursday 24 July 2003 9:53:51 pm

I'm looking for the way that eZ indexes and retrieves information that is inserted into the DB.

How do eZ select the appropiate terms to set them as a search key and so on.


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