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how to add the Image Alias from site.ini to ezpublish.yml

how to add the Image Alias from site.ini to ezpublish.yml

Monday 31 March 2014 5:12:05 pm - 5 replies

When I add an image alias in my site.ini it doesnt add it to ezpublish.yml so i have to add it manually and then clear the prod cache in ezpublish/cache.

I am sure this is not a correct way to do it , can anybody help me please?

Tuesday 01 April 2014 7:40:21 pm

Any suggestion? sad.gif Emoticon

Thursday 03 April 2014 12:39:34 am

You can regenerate the whole ezpublish.yml using command line tool ezpublish:configure

Imho that one should be made a bit smarter in the future to allow f.e. support for

- multiple admin siteaccesses

- only regenerating some configs (image aliases vs. db vs siteaccesses)

- using a custom filename for output (so that image aliases can be saved to image.yml)

Thursday 03 April 2014 9:54:00 am

Thanks, Gaetano! Great! And then I should clear the cache in ezpublish , I do it manually , is there a commnad line to clear them? 

Thursday 03 April 2014 11:35:47 am

Sorry to disagree, but this script was really not meant for this usage. Maybe it should have been, but it wasn't.

Aliases (variations) should be created on the new stack, in ezpublish.yml. They're automatically injected, and you don't need to configure them at all in the INI files.

Thursday 03 April 2014 7:19:16 pm

Hello Bertrend,

As I understand, from what you said, I modify directly ezpublihs.yml and not, image.ini.append.php and this file will be modified automatically!

Then the result would be visible when i clear the caches in ezpublish/prod, Is it correct to clear the caches manually? 

I think i have a problem with this one, cause when i clear them (specially session cashe) i got log out from my admin site, but if i dont, i got never logged out from admin!


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