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How to assign new values to keys in hash?

How to assign new values to keys in hash?

Thursday 25 March 2004 12:57:06 am - 4 replies

I'm just getting the hang of the EZ template language. I'm familiar with coding in Perl/PHP, etc. Basic question: I have created a hash like this:

{let myhash=hash('key1','val1')}

How can I change the value for key1? I've tried all kinds of variations like:

But this doesn't work. I tried some of the array functions like merge but that didn't work either. Ideas?


Thursday 25 March 2004 9:37:13 am

Hi Aaron

I think I looked into this a couple of versions ago and didn't find a solution. Have you tried using the set operator ?


Wednesday 16 February 2005 10:11:09 pm

{set myhash=hash('key1','val1')}

In case anyone else has this question, I've found the following to work:

{set myhash=$myhash|merge( hash( 'key1','newVal' ) )}


Wednesday 27 July 2005 6:02:23 pm

Remark: You cannot use numeric keys in a hash !

In case you have to create a hash based on numeric keys within a loop, here is my code:

{section loop=... var=result}
  {set list=$list|merge( hash(
    'some values...' ) ) }

This is useful when doing computation !

Modified on Wednesday 27 July 2005 6:03:20 pm by Patrick ALLAERT

Wednesday 14 December 2011 2:50:48 pm

@Dan C.

If the keys are numeric, that method will not work.

@Patrick ALLAERT Re: "You cannot use numeric keys in a hash!"

The documentation provides an example using numeric keys in a hash.(

I would like to see the documentation updated with non-numeric examples, especially how to build a hash with a loop.

For my example, I need a hash of the user bookmarks:

 {set $bookmarks_hash = $bookmarks_hash|merge( hash( $, $bookmark.node_id) )}

But this does not preserve the hash index. They are merged into array indices [0, 1, 2, ...].

If I add an underscore and make the hash index into a string, then it works!

 {set $bookmark_hash = $bookmark_hash|merge( hash( concat('_', $, $bookmark.node_id) )}

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