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How to ban content/view/full in the URL?

How to ban content/view/full in the URL?

Friday 02 June 2006 12:56:05 pm - 2 replies

I want to ban user to visit links like http://www.mysite.com/content/view/full/55. By doing this someone can acctualy see content. What is the best way to do that?

On the other side, registration info email, which user gets to confirm his account, contains link like this http://www.mysite.com/content/view/full/55.

Monday 05 June 2006 9:54:34 am

you can take a look at this page:

see this chapter: <b>Creating an URL alias for the News archive</b>

i think, it can help you. blunk.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 07 June 2006 11:41:59 pm

You can block urls in a .htaccess file in your site root (when using the Apache web server):

<FilesMatch "^content/view/full">
  Order Allow,Deny

See also:

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