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How to call form in editor

How to call form in editor

Wednesday 04 December 2013 1:21:46 pm - 1 reply

Hey everyone.

I make some contact pop out form long time ago. Code for calling form is:

     <div class="call-for-price-products" style="float:left;">
     <a href="#" onclick="openEdit('theform','{concat('Request More Info: ',$|wash())}','{concat('/',$["medium"].full_path)}')">Click here for more INFORMATIONS</a>

And this form is working fine when i put code in any tamplate.tpl file.(calling my fields, my title depend of id node, and picture depending on content)

Now i wanna try to put same code in random page. I want to make some introduction text, than link to pop out form, and than to continue with some text (ex: you can click here for more information's).

Problem is that i cant use div tags. I remove that and still onclick code can not be called from editor. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Tuesday 24 December 2013 8:29:36 am

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