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Hyperlinks reverting to old links, or wrong articles?

Hyperlinks reverting to old links, or wrong articles?

Friday 28 February 2014 9:06:59 am - 6 replies

I hope this isn't in the wrong forum, but please let me know if it should be elsewhere.

Going back over article I uploaded last week, there were a number of mistakes with some the hyperlinks. Either they linked to the wrong article or wouldn't open.

I fixed the mistakes, published, refreshed the pages, clicked all the links, and was 100% sure every mistake had been fixed.

Now a number of the links are linking to different articles again, and some of the corrections I made to details lthings such as what text was linked are back to the way they were previously. While the articles that are linked are from the same website, they're not even articles I've opened before, let alone copied the link from. 

Can anyone suggest a reason for this? It would be much appreciated because I'm going crazy with the fourth set of corrections. 

Friday 28 February 2014 9:56:45 am

Hi Jessica, 

Welcome to the eZ Community forums.

Is there a chance that somebody else is editing the article too? 

Note: do you know which version of eZ Publish you are using?


Friday 28 February 2014 10:21:10 am

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your reply. There are other admin accounts but I should be the only person editing them currently. 

I believe we're using the Community Project 2011.12 version?

Friday 28 February 2014 10:35:10 am

One way to double-check if there were manual changes to the article is to have a look at the versions history. 

Here is a short documentation on how to get there: http://doc.ez.no/eZ-Publish/User-...ct-Edit-Interface/Version-Management

You will immediately see who and when the article was edited. You can even see the differences between two versions.

If no other person edited the piece of content, then we will to investigate technical causes.


Tuesday 04 March 2014 4:06:51 pm

Thanks again for your suggestions, but I suspect now there's a very small possibility it may have been user error. Bad maintenance - lack of sleep. 

Wednesday 05 March 2014 12:23:01 pm

My pleasure, 


Monday 18 August 2014 8:47:47 am

The reply has been removed because of violation of forum rules.


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