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I am serious - I really need some guidance

I am serious - I really need some guidance

Friday 10 October 2003 9:42:12 pm - 5 replies

I have tried and setup lots of open source CMS, postnuke,mambo,phpwebsite but I cannot get to grips with ezpublish.

Before you say RTFM - I have read the documentation. I have only tried the demo though.

What happens is I try the demo, add content folders etc but then I want to view them in the demo. At this attempt and time of writing the demo seems 'stuck' in the book shop.

I get as far as viewing in user mode which I imagine gives a default template view. But how are the menu items controlled? How can I add and associate a file object with an article?

This is so puzzling that I try out the demo once a month and give up in frustration. I downloaded the 2.x version for Win but mysql wouldnt start on XP and that seemed like a real pain reading around the net.

Where can I learn more about what looks like a fantastic product? I want to find a cms for my organisation and conceptually ezpublish speaks volumes but I can't get off the ground with it.

ANy more extensive documentation /pointers/ laughter etc appreciated happy.gif Emoticon


Friday 10 October 2003 10:26:46 pm

Ok Now I have the simple win install running. 3.2

Simple documentation is probably worth paying for. So can we buy any documentation?

I would be willing to pay for it.

AN how do I add a simple user login to the site? I cannot see somewhere to publish this type of item or block of content. Its sooooo infuriating.....

Saturday 11 October 2003 6:05:55 am

Yes, eZ publish has a steep learning curve. It is so flexible and powerful that it needs quite a lot of first work. Postnuke et al are easy to setup and use, but they are just simple tools for certain tasks, while you can build with eZ publish different systems to CMS and have all the nice features of it (versioning, translations, ...). Have a look at Zope (http://www.zope.org) and you will appreciate how easy eZ publish is. blunk.gif Emoticon

Now, to help you a bit. Read the documentation at http://www.ez.no/developer/ez_publish_3/documentation (starting with eZ publish basics). You also find some help at http://ezwiki.blanko.info/ which is a bit out of date, but easier to read than ez's docs.

You have to start playing around with templates if you want to see the different functionality. And yes, it will be hard and at times frustrating, but it's worth it. Reminds me of the times when I started using Linux (1994) and how frustrating it was sometimes. happy.gif Emoticon

Hope this helps,

Saturday 11 October 2003 9:07:42 am

Regarding the documentation:

The documentation for eZ publish (3.x series) is currently under construction. We're working very hard with this; however - it takes time to write good docs. Please be patient. To understand eZ publish, a good place to start is the "eZ publish basics" chapter (which was published yesterday): http://ez.no/developer/ez_publish_3/documentation/ez_publish_basics

We're also working on a tutorial that explains how to set up an eZ publish site from scratch. This tutorial will be published as soon as it reaches a user-friendly state.


Monday 20 October 2003 12:19:07 pm

Installation went fine (linux) but now i can do with good tutorial on how to edit styles and looks.
I appriciate the effort that goes into quality docs but would it be possible to make a .pdf available with the contents of the docs so far ? so i read/print the whole lot without the full toc. after each helptext etc.

Tuesday 21 October 2003 9:25:55 am

>Installation went fine (linux) but now i can do
>with good tutorial on how to edit styles and

We're working on a tutorial. The first part of it will hopefully be published during this week.

>I appriciate the effort that goes into quality
>docs but would it be possible to make a .pdf
>available with the contents of the docs so far?

PDF export will be possible in the (near) future.

Regarding the TOC/Layout: the current doc-layout is temporary. It'll be upgraded/changed when we can allocate some time.



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