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I hate the weekends ..Grrrrhh

I hate the weekends ..Grrrrhh

Sunday 20 July 2003 10:44:54 am - 2 replies

I hate the weekends, everybody is busy with something but not with ezp ... Grrrhhh .... listen .. this not joke what I am gonna saying here, but since I am trying to publish my site with ezp I didn`t used to meet my boyfriend just after middle of the night, also in the weekends, coz at that time always I used to run into wall happy.gif Emoticon without hope to slove it , so better to ..... until some1 of ezp crew slove it, BUT the problem is that some times I don`t know what to more than set what keep the browser on site and refresh it happy.gif Emoticon

Now, am meeting the problem with xml field, I can slove it, but if do, i`ll lose the updates, so hope some1 of ez team will do it soon !

To that time, i`ll call my boyfriend, i wanna get some DVD movies with 10L Cole happy.gif Emoticon

Have nice day ..

Tuesday 22 July 2003 2:38:33 am

Hehehe - life with eZPub - a rollercoaster of joy and despair happy.gif Emoticon

I don't understand the word 'slove' - what do you mean by that ?

Tuesday 22 July 2003 9:09:38 am

happy.gif Emoticon
miss typed, 'slove' => 'solve' blunk.gif Emoticon


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