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Image alias expiration

Image alias expiration

Wednesday 09 July 2014 9:39:30 pm - 3 replies


on one of older sites running eZĀ 2012.8 I noticed that sometimes image aliases are disappearing and fail to be regenerated.

After investigation I discovered that:

1) that particular alias was configured to be based on "original" alias

2) for some reason - original file disappeared from the file system

3) image cache was expiring and therefore new alias could not be regenerated

Unfortunately I'm unable to find out why original file would disappear. It seems to just happen occasionally after some period of time for some files. Do you maybe have any idea why this file would disappear?

Anyway, as a workaround, I just disabled checking for timestamp inside of ezimagemanager.php but I'm wondering if this is good idea. I'm not sure why actually I would want my aliases to be regenerated so it doesn't seem to be dangerous but I would like to hear opinion of more experienced community members.

thank you,


Thursday 10 July 2014 10:37:06 am

Not sure timestamp checking will do any good - what if the original image is edited? Maybe your patch will make the new version not be displayed...

As for the root cause, what I can say is that there has been a lot of work in the area of image storage/management, with some longstanding bugs fixed in recent versions (but I cant recall ira tickets off the top of my head), mostly having to do with multipositioning/renaming of image contents. So an upgrade might fix it...

Thursday 10 July 2014 10:47:16 am

If original image is edited - wouldn't it create new version?

Thursday 10 July 2014 4:22:51 pm

Yes. But what if the admin clears all caches by hand. Will your patch still work then?


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