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Image aliases only get generated when reuploading image

Image aliases only get generated when reuploading image

Thursday 25 July 2013 12:16:13 pm - 8 replies


I added image aliases, but the files doesn't generate when I load a page. I need to reupload the image to get the file generated.

For example, when I take a closer look at the image in the page, I see that the file doesn't exist :


but ! If I manually change the URL I see that this one exists :

http://mywebsite/var/myextension/storage/images/mediatheque/slides/slide/492-4-fre-FR/myimage.jpg (the original image)

Here is an example of what I appended to image.ini :


You can notice that Reference is empty.

eZ Publish should be able to create automatically myimage_article_wide.jpg from myimage.jpg... no ? It's the reference file, isn't it ?
What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks !!

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Thursday 25 July 2013 4:56:32 pm


You could use

Which can generate the image aliases you need.

I hope this helps ...


Friday 26 July 2013 8:58:16 am

Ok, I'll try this.
But, from your experience, is it normal that eZ Publish doesn't do it on the fly ?

Monday 29 July 2013 4:53:22 pm



Wednesday 31 July 2013 9:50:59 am

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Wednesday 31 July 2013 11:03:43 pm

Hello Vincent,

Generally speaking (don't hold me to this strictly speaking) In my experience image aliases are only generated when they are used properly / normally in eZ Publish Templates. If you do the research we have done; you will find this is the way the image alias system works. There are some obscure exceptions but they are not worth going into (nor do I remember them offhand).

This is why it's a good idea to use the system as expected by using image aliases in templates so the image alias image files will be generated properly for use or use a solution to do this for you externally like bcimagealias.

I hope this helps.. Feel free to ask any more questions on the issue you might have here in the forum.


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Thursday 01 August 2013 1:53:08 am

Thanks for speaking up //kracker you said what was on my mind unspoken.

As a side note I've noticed some more complicated situations arise when image aliases need to be generated before they are used in templates hense promotion of the bcimagealias solution.


Thursday 01 August 2013 9:11:52 am

Quote from // kracker :

In my experience image aliases are only generated when they are used properly / normally in eZ Publish Templates.

Do you mean using attribute_view_gui ? I don't often use it, that's how I do :

 <img src="{$valid_node.data_map.picture.content.slide_large.url|ezurl('no')}" alt="" />

Could it be the problem ?

Thursday 01 August 2013 6:09:15 pm

Yes though I think using the image alias at all in template triggers it's generation as needed.

Forgive me it's been a while since I dug in that deep. You may still need the gui call and I could be wrong here.


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