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image alignment without effect

image alignment without effect

Wednesday 17 September 2003 12:18:04 pm - 3 replies


I have inserted an image object inside an info page:
--- snip ---
<object id="54" size="small" align="left" /> This is supposed to be right next to my image
--- snip ---

However, the size and align attribute are ignored!

Any ideas? My Version is 3.2 rev 3500


Modified on Monday 22 September 2003 5:29:26 pm by Thomas Brandl

Thursday 18 September 2003 2:18:25 pm

Have you checked your embed template? It might have something to do with that.

Regards Bjørn

Friday 19 September 2003 3:34:28 pm

Hi Bjørn,

is being used:

{section show=and(first_set($attribute.content,true()),first_set($attribute.content.contentobject_attribute_id,false()))}
{default image_class=large
{let image_content=$attribute.content
<img src={$image.full_path|ezroot} width="{$image.width}" height="{$image.height}" {section show=$hspace}hspace="{$hspace}"{/section} {section show=$alignment}align="{$alignment}"{/section} border="{$border_size}" alt="{$image_content.alternative_text|wash(xhtml)}" />

I have no idea how to submit values for 'image_class' and 'alignment'.

Do I need to override it?


Monday 22 September 2003 5:28:57 pm

sorry to bother again, but I need that piec of info:

is this the correct way of aligning a picture?
<object id="54" size="small" alignment="left" />

If no, what are the correct attributes to use?



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