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image gallery, slideshow help needed

image gallery, slideshow help needed

Tuesday 21 September 2004 8:53:52 pm - 6 replies

When I click the "View as slideshow" link in my image gallery page, the "Previous image" and "Next image" links directly above an image that are supposed to link to the images before and after the current image only link to the first image in that gallery, and then stay stuch to that image, rendering the slideshow functionality useless.

here's the my site where I'm having trouble:
I'm using the default, unchanged image.tpl - which produces the links.

Wil someone please take a look and see what's going on amd lend me a hand to get this fixed.

Many Thanks,

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Tuesday 21 September 2004 10:05:00 pm

Hi Kimball,
very strange, indeed. This should work on ez 3.4.1, which i guess, you are using.
Does this happen everywhere, where you have some kind of "next/previous" navigator?
As i think, that the PHP code and the templates are okay, i'd check the PHP installation (versions) and maybe the DB.

Tuesday 21 September 2004 11:32:32 pm


Yes, I'm using 3.4.1, I think you're probably right about the db, I also should have mentioned that it was working previously, but one day, after adding a bunch of pictures to another gallery, elsewhere on the site, it just didn't work right anymore. My problem is, I wouldn't know what to do with the db to get this thing working.

- Kimball

Wednesday 22 September 2004 11:02:24 am

Take a new version from svn, clear all caches, have a look at your cache-blocks, then it'll work.
Or better first clear all caches an try. Then ...
Greetings, ekke

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Wednesday 29 September 2004 3:41:27 am

I've cleared my caches and specifically, my cache-blocks repeatedly and I have upgraded to 3.4.2, but still no solution to my problem has presented itself. Any more suggestions are appreciated along with the ones that have already been posted.


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Tuesday 31 July 2007 4:17:45 pm

Any solution for this? I am running version 3.9.1 and have the same problem. Seems like it happened when I upgraded from 3.7

Any help is appreciated.

Tuesday 31 July 2007 5:21:21 pm

May be it's related to this already reported bug, have a look at it:

And add your comments.



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