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Image gone after approve

Image gone after approve

Thursday 11 December 2008 2:07:59 pm - 1 reply

Hi, i've got something special ... ;-(

<b>ez 3.6.3</b>

i built a class with text and images.
User can create content with this class.
Admin has to approve this entry.

In the admin interface/collaboration everything looks fine.
(image stored /var/<siteaccess>/storage/images-versioned/4858/1-ger-DE/leondoro.jpg //leondoro_referenz.jpg //leondoro_large.jpg )

i click approve, wait for cronjob and take a look at the new content-entry.
Image is gone.

Original alias does not exists, cannot create other aliases without it
PHP variable $show1['body'] does not exist, cannot fetch the value.
PHP variable $show1 is not an object, cannot fetch content()
The reference alias original file var/<siteaccess>/storage/images/zuchtstaetten/baden_wuerttemberg/leondoro/4858-1-ger-DE/leondoro.jpg does not exist

Any Idea??

Modified on Friday 12 December 2008 12:03:33 pm by Dirk Bensel

Monday 11 February 2013 12:29:33 pm

I have the same problem.

eZ Publish version: Community Project 2011.11 (Community Project 2011.11)

This is the workflow:

1. User submit an object that have an image attribute.

2. The image is saved on server (there is the hashed file on original folder).

3. I approve object.

4. Cronjob publish object

5. Object is visible on frontend but image is gone

6. In the object folder there isn't any image

7. If i manually add image the object is correctly showed.


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