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image in link?

image in link?

Friday 25 July 2003 9:29:11 am - 2 replies

how can i get an image into a link?
like this <a href="{attribute_view_gui attribute=$node.object.data_map.downloadbild}">Download</a>
which possibilities i have for this problem? should i create a new datatype, or only need a override template for ezimage.tpl?
please help!!!

Friday 25 July 2003 3:39:15 pm

You should be able to use an override template. Simply add the appropriate eZ code to your template to display the image instead of, or in addition to the text.

An example of how to display the image would be to use:
{attribute_view_gui attribute=$content_version.data_map.image image_class=large}

Assuming the field in your class is titled "image". If it is something else change data_map.image to data_map.the_proper_field_name.


Friday 25 July 2003 6:43:11 pm

Hey Mario,

You might want to try the tag

<object id="id"[ align="left|right|center" size="small|medium|large" class="foo" view="embed|text_linked" href="link url" target="_self|_blank"]/> where 'id' should be an existing eZ object id and all other attributes are optional. Attributes 'href' and 'target' are used to make object(image) as link.

from http://ez.no/manual/user/everyday#Tags
This is new to 3.1

Modified on Friday 25 July 2003 6:43:31 pm by Tony Wood


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