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Images not showing in admin backend

Images not showing in admin backend

Friday 28 September 2012 4:07:55 am - 1 reply

I have a very disconcerting thing happening in my live website.

In my live site, I have a published page(s) with all the images present, BUT when I go to my admin back-end, SOME of the images are not being displayed there.

All the code and embed data etc is present in the backend, but no image is visible.
I can click on the embedded "non-image" and mess with it's sizing, but it still does not appear.
It is a clustered data-base set-up, on Ezpublish 4.1.3, using the ezdbfilehandler.

When I look into the var on both servers, the images (in one case anyway) are in existence on one server, but not the other.

If I look into MYSQL using MYSQL workbench, I can see the actual images in the BLOBS. (Both servers use the one database).

I also have another scenario on the same installation..
The images are missing from both the live site, AND the back-end.
Once again, the images ARE visible in the Database using MYSQL workbench.

Does anyone know what has happened here?

Scenario 1. Images show on site, but not in admin back-end
Scenario 2. Images not shown anywhere.
Images ARE in the database in both scenarios.

Friday 28 September 2012 8:58:33 am

I have had this happen, but not with the MySQL backend.  The issue in my case was actually with image.ini

If you view source/inspect element on the page with the missing image and look at the src value of the image tag and see what is there.

If it has a URL, then I'm not sure.

However, if the URL in the src='' is just an empty string, then consult your image.ini files and make sure they are correct.  You can get the empty string for image src in only one siteaccess if the image alias in the template is not defined in the image.ini


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