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Importing all users from LDAP

Importing all users from LDAP

Wednesday 27 June 2007 8:23:25 am - 1 reply

I've set up this ezp installation to authenticate from LDAP, but it only creates a matching user inside ezp after that user logs in. The cronjobs ldapusermanage.php only updates the accounts that are already inside ezp. I'd like to import/synchronise users straight from LDAP into ezpublish without having to ask them to log in, so that I could use the user objects for object relations or in a directory. Has anyone done that before? Thanks. happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 25 September 2009 12:24:13 pm


I now your question is a old one, but I would like to know if you came to do your import from LDAP.
I look for a similar method to import a list of users come from LDAP and assign them a predefine rĂ´le.

Have-you a idea to do that?

Sorry for my poor english



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