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Improve the performance in Front-end

Improve the performance in Front-end

Wednesday 06 October 2010 4:27:56 am - 4 replies

Hi folks, I'm new to the community.
I think "Ez publish" is great.
I would like to see "Ez Publish" in something like this:

Wednesday 06 October 2010 12:13:27 pm

Hi Tony.

Yes there are tools for such optimizations:

Also, eZ publih gives you complete control over HTML source of your page so you can easily integrate other techniques as well.

Furthermore, eZ can be used with varnish and other reverse proxies.

Does this answer your questions?

Wednesday 06 October 2010 2:24:03 pm

For improved front end performance you should among several things take advantage of mod_expires in apache. Not something you would want to enable during development, but in production it can make sure clients cache design files that barley change and images that have url pr version anyway using something like this.

Same thing can be done with packed js / css files using (from admin2pp project by Damien):

<LocationMatch ".*/var/[^/]+/cache/public/.*">
# ezjscore.ini/[Packer]/AppendLastModifiedTime=enabled
# so that file names change when source files are modified
     ExpiresActive on
     ExpiresDefault "now plus 10 years"

Wednesday 06 October 2010 2:30:13 pm

Hi Tony and welcome aboard !

I'd suggest you have a look at these fantastic slides by Damien Pobel :

Cheers !

Wednesday 06 October 2010 6:27:18 pm

thanks people


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