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Tuesday 22 October 2013 5:00:33 pm

I have problems with the indexcontent.php cronjob.
$ php runcronjobs.php admin_indexcontent
Running cronjob part 'indexcontent'
Running cronjobs/indexcontent.php at: 22/10/2013 16:48
Starting processing pending search engine modifications
        Indexing object ID #42103         Failed indexing object ID #42103, keeping it in the queue. ....
But my item # 42103 works well.
Y'a t'il moyen de vider cette file d'indexation ? ( ezpending_actions )
Comment savoir à quoi sert exactement ce cronjob ?
Comment le configurer ?
Note that I use ezfind.
A colleague also had problems with the read policies.
So I use a modified vesion indexcontent.php:
# Connexion de l'admin.
$ini = eZINI::instance();
$userCreatorID = $ini->variable( "UserSettings", "UserCreatorID" );
$user = eZUser::fetch( $userCreatorID );
eZUser::setCurrentlyLoggedInUser( $user, $userCreatorID );

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