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indexing / searching binary files (attachments). Done?

indexing / searching binary files (attachments). Done?

Saturday 12 July 2003 2:23:11 pm - 1 reply

Hi folks,

I have to admin, that I was kind of "offline" for some weeks. Anyone noticed? blunk.gif Emoticon)

What about the indexing of binary files for searching them? I thought, I read about it somewhere, but I cannot find the posting/changelog.
So: Is it done in 3.1 stable? Is it done in svn?
I need indexing of PDFs, DOCs and PPTs... IF it is done, it will probably use some external utils, like htdig is doing. Did anyone try and succeed with indexing those type of files?
Any comment/link appreciated.

I found the thread:
So, the questions are: What about PPT? Any experiences with that feature in svn?

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Saturday 12 July 2003 3:13:21 pm

Yes, we've added indexing of binaryfiles in svn - will be in 3.2. Currently it only supports PDF and word documents.

We've using 3rd party tools to convert the files to ASCII and index this. To support other file formats we need to find some 3rd pary tools which extracts the ASCII text.



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