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Information Collector

Wednesday 30 July 2003 2:08:08 pm


I just tried to follow the "Creating Forms" tutorial and this is the problem I encounter:
I have defined the 'message'-Field as XML-text.
The mail sent to me reads
Message: Object

"Object" should be the message I wrote. So what do I have to do in order to display the entered message correctly in the template?

Btw, does anyone want to share some information about how/she handled some more sophisticated forms?
Sth. very common in forms would be:
- in failure case highlite missing fields or display error message and display correctly filled out fields with their prior values. This would also include correctly selected combos, radios etc.
- Send a confirmation to the user with a defined template
- great plus would be to automatically store these filled out forms as objects in a predefined folder (should be an easy thing??!)

Since I'm very new to eZPub and still struggling to understand the basics, this is sth. I won't be able to find out myself.

So thank you very much for your help!
regards, Thomas

PS: I envy those guys who know eZ in and out and can do whatever they want in a matter of minutes/hours ...

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