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Involvement of Open Source Community in ez publish?

Involvement of Open Source Community in ez publish?

Friday 04 July 2003 6:49:11 am - 2 replies

What is the involvement of open source community in ez publish ?

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Friday 04 July 2003 8:51:42 am


Currently, the community does not have 'write' access to the code source in SVN (CVS+).

The community however does help choose the direction via forums, suggestions and contributed modules, add-ons if you will the the core eZ SDK. The most evident proof of this will be the summercamp where the community will gather to discuss the project as it stands now and the future goals.

As for direct code amends there are several patches to code to fix problems in the bug reports section, but they are not always taken up.

I hope this answers your question


Friday 04 July 2003 9:18:55 am

The community also helps writing documentation. Currently the user contributed docs are here:
but they are in the process of being merged with the official documentation, so there will be a couple of changes in the future.


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