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Is eZ Components still maintained?

Is eZ Components still maintained?

Monday 07 February 2011 12:30:19 pm - 3 replies

Just wondering if it is still alive and kicking, I wasn't able to use ezcmail on a 4.3 project as it attachment support is broken and checking the issues it has received little love for some time. Will it continue or did it meet its demise when Derick left?

Monday 07 February 2011 1:06:06 pm

Yes, but it's now developed as Zeta Components.

Monday 07 February 2011 1:07:37 pm

Derick left eZ, but he still participates in the components. It's just that it's taking some time for the project to adjust to the new infrastructure and rules that came with renaming to Zeta and moving to the Apache foundation.

Monday 07 February 2011 2:12:21 pm

Thanks for the replies, I'm glad to read it lives on, hopefully its polished up and back on track soon.

We're using PHPMailer as a fallback for now but I'm missing the Transport=file option which I've found extremely useful.


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