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Is gd unable to convert GIF to PNG?

Is gd unable to convert GIF to PNG?

Tuesday 08 July 2003 12:50:40 pm - 3 replies


I'm using gd (can't make imagemagick work), and know that it's unable to save images as GIFs.

Jpeg works for me, but gif doesn't. Is gd unable to convert gif to png?

I've set my image.ini like this:




Tuesday 08 July 2003 2:00:33 pm

I had this with ImageMagick.

Reports the problem, and offer a solution that I used as PNG do not display correctly on Mac.

An interesting thing is that now GIFs are out of patent, i wonder how this will affect the future of PNG?

I hope this helps


Wednesday 09 July 2003 3:56:08 pm

It seems like gd is unable to convert GIFs.

I solved my problem by making convert work, and let it do the GIFs.

I'm not sure why convert hasn't worked before, but I suspect that I forgot to add image/gif to AvailableMimeTypes.


Friday 25 July 2003 6:47:08 pm

Hey Lars,

I got a problem similar today, it appears 3.1 cannot use ImageMagick when converting gif to gif, you need to keep the default of converting gifs to pngs.


instead of my preferred


This is a shame as it worked no problem in 3.0, well its only a problem if you are using large images on a mac, which has a real problem with large png images..


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