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Is it possible to add multi-select option with prices in the webshop for a product

Is it possible to add multi-select option with prices in the webshop for a product

Tuesday 07 December 2010 4:45:35 pm - 2 replies


The owner of a shop I am working on sells furniture. He wants to be able to provide a multiple selection of additional furniture pieces along with their respective prices to go with a bed on the product page (the page that displays the product, price, and other options and add to cart button).For instance he wants to offer a dresser, a mirror, a nightstand as possible additional options to the bed.

Is it possible to do this with the ezPublish Webshop or will he have to add the additional pieces of furniture as individual products?

Thanks so much for any help or assistance.

Wednesday 08 December 2010 3:44:32 pm

You can use pricing in multi-option2 attributes. It does have trade offs though. Normally you would use these as modifiers for a product, ie choosing the colour and sizing and print of a shirt which may influence pricing slightly but overall requires very little informationn. If you were looking to store a lot of product information about each of the addons and there is the possibility they could be bought on their own then they should be individual products. If you end up with them all as individual products you either need a modification to allow you to add multiple products to a cart in a single page or you need a modified options datatype that allows you to tie options to other products.

I've implemented all of the above on different projects, they each come with pros and cons.

Thursday 09 December 2010 4:20:01 pm

Thank you for your quick response. I think we'll probably go ahead and make them separate products.


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