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Is there a way to limit the products on one page?

Is there a way to limit the products on one page?

Wednesday 23 April 2003 7:23:58 pm - 2 replies

I was using an earlier ez and could limit the products on each page in the ini file


Is there a way to do it with this version, I hope so.

Thanks in advance

Thursday 24 April 2003 9:16:53 am

I migth be on thin ice since I've not played with products/shop yet, but...

For normal pages (content) the directive "page_limit=" migth be what you're looking for. Check the standard templates to see the actual implementation.


Thursday 24 April 2003 5:45:38 pm

Thanks Atle, I have to figure on how to put it in my bookstore template page, which if I am being conservative will take me about a month, unless any of you have any ideas.

Sorry I seem a bit slow, and I'm not even blonde.

thanks again for the help


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