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Latest stable release ?

Latest stable release ?

Monday 01 August 2011 12:18:54 pm - 5 replies


Until now, I used to install and develop websites under EzPublish v4.3.0. And I would like to upgrade my sites to the latest stable release.

Note: I'm a Ez Publish Community portal member only, I'm NOT a Ez Publish Enterprise edition customer.

A few questions:

  • What is the latest Community portal stable release: v4.3 ? v4.4-Fuji ? Community Project 2011.7 ?
  • What is the difference / evolution between "Ez Publish 4.x" and "Ez Publish Community Project 2011.x" ?
  • Does it mean "Ez Publish Comunity Project 2011.x" are unstable versions, and will become "Ez Publish 4.5" as soon as it is stable ?

I've read forums and different notes, but I feel totally lost... thank you for your answers.


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Monday 01 August 2011 1:13:41 pm

Hi Samuel

The current stable release of Community project is 2011.7. Community builds are actually snapshots from the current master branch in Github. The main difference is that it doesn't have Quality Insurance.

Concretely, 2011.7 is a snapshot of eZ Publish pre 4.6 if you will. You can consider community builds as stable but it doesn't mean that it doesn't have bugs of course !

Is it clearer now ? happy.gif Emoticon

Monday 01 August 2011 2:50:28 pm

Thank you for your reply, Vincent.

Yes, it's a bit clearer for me, now. But...

  • If I understand: "Ezp Community project 2011.7" = "Ezp pre 4.6". OK, then, does it mean the "4.5 Matterhorn" will never be a stable release, and the direct evolution between stable versions is "Ezp 4.4 stable" --> "Ezp Community project 2011.7" ?
  • If I want to upgrade from Ezp 4.3 to the latest stable release: do I have to upgrade directly from "Ezp 4.3" to "Ezp Community project 2011.7", or is it recommended to upgrade step by step, like: "Ezp 4.3 stable" --> "Ezp 4.4 stable" --> "Ezp Community project 2011.7" ?
  • Is there any upgrade procedures & docs for all these releases ? I feel like these docs mentionned here, are related the Ez Systems & Enterprise releases, and not Community portal (?)
  • What is the official Ezp 4.4 stable package: or ?
  • And last question: what about extensions (ezTeamRoom, ezFind, ezMultiupload, etc...) ? Do those extensions mentionned in 4.4-Fuji will work in 2011.7 ?


... sorry for my stupid questions. I'm used to work with Ez Publish for more than 2 years, but the first time I have to envisage an upgrade process, that's why I feel confused and "shaking" ! blunk.gif Emoticon


Monday 01 August 2011 9:53:47 pm

Hi Samuel,

For you first question, be sure to check and also look at the graph in those slides. You should visualize the enterprise and community releases as parallel tracks. 4.5 can be called stable, it had it's regular QA phase. The community release differ mostly in the fact that it lacks the QA phase, and it is released every month to make participation and more important innovation possible. That graph should make things a bit more clear I hope.

Question two; upgrade the normal way, you are used to, from 4.3 to 4.4, from 4.4 to 4.5. From there on, you should be able to upgrade to 2011.7. You need to ask yourself the question though, do you want to use the more innovative community release which might have a few more bugs, or do you need a solid and stable and tested (QA phase) release which is the enterprise one. Personally I would not mix them, and stick to one of those releases. Use the upgrade guides on for the enterprise upgrade cycle. On the download pages on you find upgrade instructions for the community releases.

Question 3; as above, for the enterprise release, see, and for the community release see for example

Question 4; both should be the same version e.g. code base.

Question 5; as far as I know, those extensions should work on the community release also.

On a side note; although it looks as if we are now releasing to different packages (enterprise and community), it should still be possible to upgrade/migrate between them without any problem. This was one of the goals we set when we started with the two separate releases.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Regards Robin

Tuesday 02 August 2011 3:50:51 pm

Hi Robin,

Thank you very much for your explanations, Robin and Jérôme.

Now, it is very clear for me, and as I understand, I have to "roll up my sleeves" to start an upgrade process management on my existing websites ! blunk.gif Emoticon


Tuesday 02 August 2011 3:57:35 pm


Good luck with the upgrades. And I probably don't have to tell you but... backup and test first blunk.gif Emoticon

-- Robin

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