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Sunday 06 April 2003 12:40:18 pm - 2 replies

I need clarification on the following statement: "You may not Distribute the SW, nor the amendments, modifications or new components without disclosing the source code."

I would like to use eZ publish for my company website. however, some web apps (close-source) will be developed & embed into the site. these web apps will not contain any eZ publish codes except for those that "wrap up" the web apps with headers and footers codes so that the site will be uniform throughtout.

Will this break the gnu GPL licence agreement?

Sunday 06 April 2003 12:45:02 pm

As long as you do not distribute the code, i.e. only use it for your website you will not violate the GPL licence. If you however do have the needs to make changes and distribute them you can buy a professional licence giving you these rights.

Sunday 06 April 2003 12:47:01 pm

thank you every much for the fast response.


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