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Link directly to PDF with embedding

Link directly to PDF with embedding

Monday 05 July 2010 12:39:26 am - 3 replies

I have a very basic problem that I cannot find a solution for.

If I "link" to a pdf file, the link goes to an ugly intermediate page.

If I "embed" the file as an object, it will not let me put it in a bulleted list. Also very very ugly.

Do I have to hack the template in order to achieve this very basic thing, or is there some over way that I dont know about?

I am not finding anything useful from other peoples queries except editing the templates which I wouldnt have thought I would have to do for such a simple request.

Tuesday 06 July 2010 1:03:37 am

Bizzare. Today I can embed an object in a bulleted list, and it works, yesterday it didnt.
Yesterday, putting an embedded object inside a table, would delete the table. Today it doesnt.

Tuesday 06 July 2010 1:58:15 am

Ok, now it doesnt work. It looks like its bringing over stuff from MS Word that is breaking it. Notepad to the rescue.

A shame that I have to use tables to make a heading line up with an embedded object link tho.
Hardly what they were made for.

Wednesday 07 July 2010 5:39:16 pm

Yes, if you want to link directly to the PDF, you will need to create an override (or - gasp! - edit directly) embed.tpl and/or link.tpl. You will need to construct a link using eZ's "content/download" functionality - this post will tell you how to construct that link properly.


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