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Link to node with different title

Link to node with different title

Thursday 27 March 2003 1:29:33 pm - 3 replies


eZ publish 3 is big step from RC2 and I'm really happy to use this.
But I have some problems also:
I'd like to link some nodes, but not use their own title. I read manual ( and find I can write to some article like this (into intro):
<a id='18'>link to my node (folder or article)</a>
But eZ publish say to me: Input did not validate; * Intro: Link 18 does not exist.
What should I do? I'm sure this node exists!

Thank you

Thank you

Thursday 27 March 2003 3:01:56 pm

The id must be an object id, not a node id. You can find the object id in the edit link for the object (content/edit/42 for instance).

best regards

Thursday 27 March 2003 3:19:55 pm

I'm editing article and my url is:
This 6 should be version number!
I enter to my article Intro:
<link id='117'>mylink</link>
And I get same result:
Input did not validate
* Intro: Link 117 does not exist.

Tuesday 01 April 2003 6:13:03 pm


this <link id="#'>text</a> has only relevance to eZ url id it says on the same URL:

So, you probably have to make sure "eZ url" exists ??

Just guessing, Edwin


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