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Linking to objects, editing the main menu, and another newbie question, sorry

Linking to objects, editing the main menu, and another newbie question, sorry

Thursday 23 December 2004 1:58:25 pm - 3 replies

sorry - please feel free to point me to the right documentation, but I've spent a while searching for the answers and can't work out how to do some relatively simple things, so thank you for your help.

1) Is it possible to have an article in the root of the site that appears in the main menu?

2) How can I link to other sections of the site? I know about adding a related item and using <object> syntax - but can I link to an article without it appearing in the box that displays? (Also, how can I set up a new template to alter how it displays?)

3) Is it possible to install the demo data manually (for various reasons I can't recompile php with zlib at the moment).

Thanks again for the help.

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Thursday 23 December 2004 4:41:18 pm


Did you follow the guestbook example?

I suggest you to read this

Thursday 23 December 2004 5:32:16 pm

Thanks - I'm going through that example now. Not sure it will answer all my questions, but gives me a good place to start!

Friday 18 June 2010 3:43:11 pm

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