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Live Chat Programs, do you know?

Live Chat Programs, do you know?

Saturday 15 September 2007 8:06:45 am - 20 replies


I have been looking for a good live chat program to integrate with eZ publish. Has anyone used any and what are there experiences?

I see PHP Live is the cheapest (with the right features) at $29/month all the way to Live Person at $99/month.

Anyone got experience of this?

Let me know


Saturday 15 September 2007 2:46:02 pm

We have used PHPLive and thought it was really good. It is cheap and well written, and integrates seamlessly on a server running eZ P.

Saturday 15 September 2007 4:08:21 pm

Thanks for the feedback Mark

I have had a play with the one eZ use on their homepage too.. That seems to work well too...

I might trial a couple and pick the best... The more they cost the better the features, if only chat tools were like eZ the cheaper it is the better it gets blunk.gif Emoticon

Sunday 30 September 2007 3:49:28 am

PHPLive has serious security issues.

Two alternatives: $120 $90

Modified on Sunday 30 September 2007 9:37:43 pm by Betsy Gamrat

Monday 01 October 2007 2:20:45 pm

Thanks Betsey

Thursday 04 October 2007 6:25:33 pm

One more to consider: $280

happy.gif Emoticon

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Thursday 11 October 2007 10:54:18 pm

We are currently building a product that lets you provide livehelp using any jabber compatible IM client. We'd be interested in working with you to figure out a feature set that would work well for you.

The product is free, for now, and would definitely continue to be free for our initial beta testers.

You can try it out at:

I'd love to discuss the features that you'd need for integration with EZ publish.


you can IM me using AIM at: Netherweb.

Modified on Thursday 11 October 2007 10:54:49 pm by Ben Congleton

Friday 12 October 2007 10:56:41 am

We have started using Provide Support. So once our trial of that is over in 3 months. Please contact me tony at visionwt dot com and I would love to talk.

Good luck with the product.


Monday 22 October 2007 5:02:22 am

I'll keep you posted. Though 3 months is a long time to remember happy.gif Emoticon -- Maybe you could try it out on one of your sites that doesn't have livehelp yet.


Modified on Monday 22 October 2007 5:03:00 am by Ben Congleton

Tuesday 13 November 2007 12:55:16 pm

Hello Everyone,

Brookins Consulting is pleased to announce the first release of the unofficial extension which provides a Live Chat solution for eZ Publish.



Download: <i></i>

Brookins Consulting

Tuesday 13 November 2007 12:59:44 pm

Nice stuff... is there a working demo?

Tuesday 13 November 2007 1:11:52 pm

Hello Tony,

We are using the solution on our own website in the interest of increasing our availability / accessibility to customers happy.gif Emoticon

There are also a number of screenshot tours on which show the solution in action.


Tuesday 08 January 2008 12:34:38 pm

Can you give me clues on how to integrate eZ w/ PHPLive.
PHP Live creates a script to open the chat sessions and eZ does not interpret it.
Really appreciate you help.

Tuesday 08 January 2008 2:29:13 pm

We just put it in a folder in the doc root (i.e. /chat) , then exclude that folder from rewrite in the .htaccess file.

RewriteRule ^chat\.* - [L]

Wednesday 03 June 2009 12:16:05 pm

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Tuesday 07 July 2009 11:28:22 pm

>>PHPLive has serious security issues.

Two alternatives: $120 $90 <<

Betsey is right, use to work for them a number of years ago. Issues never resolved and still remain even years later.

Friday 31 July 2009 6:44:41 am


Perhaps a little bit to late to respond, but anyway.

Here is eZComponents and jQuery powered Live help. It's open source and administrator windows client comming soon...

At least I hope so for someone it will be usefull..

Modified on Friday 31 July 2009 6:52:12 am by Remigijus Kiminas

Tuesday 20 July 2010 9:29:30 pm

hi all!

Quite an old post, i recall.

Tony, i hope that you found the right chat software for you. If you don't mind sharing your experiences with all of us who participated in this discussion, that would be well appreciated.

I'm still using the services of the same provider i.e LiveAdmins. Leaving link to their software in case any of you need to visit.

waiting for your responses!


Tuesday 08 April 2014 11:07:26 am

I am using, which i think is a good live chat program for website. It can help set up live chat for website, monitor website visitors, and analyze their web activities.

Thursday 24 July 2014 11:28:11 am

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Monday 18 August 2014 8:37:21 am

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