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Locale is changing unexpectedly !

Locale is changing unexpectedly !

Thursday 29 March 2012 11:30:15 am - 2 replies



A strange behaviour is driving me crazy, regarding locales on my ez site.

Here are some values on [RegionalSettings] section on my siteaccess/(...)/site.ini files:



Sometimes, the locale is changing unexpectedly into English (the default locale on the system) on my siteaccesses, and I really don't why.

It might be a cache problem, but I can't identify it.

To solve it, I clear all cache, but it's not a clean solution, and the trouble occurs again later...


Thank you for your help.

Thursday 29 March 2012 4:53:22 pm



try to go to this url in your ezpublish insctance : /settings/view

then choose site.ini and the siteaccess who goes wrong and validate


in the result, search about the Locale : you will know where locale is changed : i m sure it will be in an extension... but which one ...

See You



Friday 30 March 2012 9:51:16 am

Hi Samuel,

this might also be the result of the bug #18771 where the Locale was incorrectly used/set in the preview and this might "corrupt" your cache.



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