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Lost my admin access to a site, need help

Lost my admin access to a site, need help

Thursday 19 May 2011 4:15:46 am - 2 replies

My site (developed with version 4.3 of eZ Publish) has suddenly stopped accepting my login/password as the administrator of the site, neither frontend or backend site will let me go beyond the login page.

The frontend and backend logged out, I could noticed it because of a page refresh. I was working without problems a few hours earlier.

Really strange, I have been developing this site for a few months with thousands of information and I was very happy because the 4.3 version works like a charm.

I have not done any changes at all in users/roles or apache/mysql configuration, in fact I was working with CSS definitions for the past four days.

If someone knows how to hack the database so I can login again…


Thursday 19 May 2011 8:30:04 am

Are there any ohter accounts that can log in? Is this problem only with the admin user or with all the users?

Turn on debug output and see if you get some usefull info there.

As for chaning the forgotten password you can use the forgottpassword feature (usually located at, or you can see here:

(it's the 5th result when googling "ez publish retrieve password"blunk.gif Emoticon

Thursday 19 May 2011 10:25:32 am

Did your site.ini change?  If someone changed the [UserSettings] HashType you wouldn't be able to log in anymore.  Or, if your HashType is not the default md5_user but md5_site and someone changed the SiteName, you also wouldn't be able to log in.

If the forgotpassword doesn't work for you and you have access to the database then go to the ezuser table and you can change your password hash which will change the password.  If the password_hash_type is 2, that's the default.  then you can generate a new hash by doing this:

<?php echo md5(<name>."\n".<password>); ?>

If it's not the default then the string to generate the password will be different but easy to find out by looking at the code.

Edit: putting the code in a literal tag to turn off the emoticon.

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