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Mail-in, Mail-out

Mail-in, Mail-out

Thursday 21 September 2006 5:12:50 am - 2 replies


I'm just thinking, is there any Yahoo! Group mailing list feature in I finally found a host that supports ez-publish, so I think I'm back in the community again.

I need a mailing list, where _all_ users in that group can mail to an adress and when the mail is recived at that adress should to be outed to all members of a list.

User1   |   User2 | User 3 etc.
     \             ^         ^
      \           /         /
       V         /         /
   Save to ez-publis forum or similar

Is that possible to create with ez publish?

Modified on Thursday 21 September 2006 5:31:18 am by Arash Molavi

Thursday 21 September 2006 10:03:10 am

Hi Arash,

in general ez does not receive any mails.
The behavior you are speaking about is a normal mail server feature.

Thursday 21 September 2006 10:54:00 am

Hi Arash,

I think what is needed here is a hybed. List servers do this function perfectly. However, if you need to display this information in eZ then you could write an extension that pulled the informationh from the listserver and displayed it in your front end design, you could even hack the RSS features and include it there too.

Hope this helps



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