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Media Section

Friday 31 October 2003 3:01:43 pm - 2 replies


This maybe a really dumb question but I don't care - How do I access images that are stored under the media section in the admin section from the templates?


Rhodri Davies

Friday 16 January 2004 4:02:44 pm

Yes, I'd like to know this too........

The media section is used to store images, flash files and stuff like that, right? And it actually is a part of the content section.

Friday 16 January 2004 4:52:00 pm

I'd guess it works the same as a regular fetch, just with a different node id.

{let imageRoot=fetch('content', 'list', hash(parent_node_id, <node_id_of_media_node>blunk.gif Emoticon)}

That should fetch all top-level stuff under the Media node. Note the "should", I've never tried it myself.



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