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Media tab

Media tab

Friday 30 January 2004 2:31:36 pm - 2 replies


I'd like to know exactly what the Media tab is, what you can do with it and how you can use a 'mediatab-item' in a website.
Since I couldn't find any ez documentation regarding this subject, I'm posting here happy.gif Emoticon.

-- Mark

Saturday 31 January 2004 8:47:39 pm

Hi Mark,
The "Media Tab" can be used to store the media files (images, videos), that you use in your website.
It is just a node in the content node tree (Node-ID 43, usually), which is placed at the same level as the "Root" content node, where you usually store your folders and articles etc (in "Content" Tab)

The only real difference is, that the admin interface has a template, which will show you a thumbnail of images, which are inside the "Media" tab. Besides that, you can use the Media Tab just as the "content" Tab.

Personally, i use this to store my images in the Media Tab, so i can get a preview and have them "out of the way" (not in the Content tab).

Note, that the Media Tab has it's own section ("Media"blunk.gif Emoticon. If you store images here, make sure, that your users can read objects from this section, too.

Friday 20 February 2004 4:23:56 pm

Okay, thank you. Just one question for now: How do I use the images stored in the media tab in my articles / site?

Thanx in advance,

-- Mark


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