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More fun with webDAV

More fun with webDAV

Friday 19 September 2003 5:31:24 pm - 13 replies

After installing ezp 3.2-1 on windoze xp and enabling webdav in webdav.ini:

- it does not work with billyboy's explorer, we knew that already
- it *does* work with a trial edition of "WebDrive": just selected a webdav resource as http://localhost/webdav.php and specified the admin login details. Uploads with multi-MB pdfs and images works fine

One weird thing: "Webdrive" (or the ezp webdav server) does recursive listing of
plain/folder|root folder/folder|root folder/ ...

'plain' is the siteaccess
the root is displayed along a folder which really is a child. The webdav log reveals more recursion, but it does not hamper the basic webdav functionality.

So Balazs, perhaps "Webdrive" may be another tool to fine-tune your webdav related developments. I will try more clients too.

Thanks a lot!


Friday 19 September 2003 6:24:22 pm

DAVexplorer, a java app, works fine but has a weird interface

Apache style license, so you could tailor this one to ez publish


Saturday 20 September 2003 8:07:09 am

Nice one Paul

I think a list of "tested" webdav clients is a must.

Is the webdrive one? -

Paul if we get a few more, we should create a matrix page for webdav tools tested and working etc.

Saturday 20 September 2003 9:29:07 am

What a nice little tool, its a shame its not opensource sad.gif Emoticon

Still it seems to work well, we will see how solid it is in testing.

Oh, Paul, have you tested it with webdavs:// ? I have tested konqueror and seems to run ok with cryto (weddavs), but alas I do not have any external webdav sites with approved CA cert roots, have you tested webdrive with webDAV over SSL?

Saturday 20 September 2003 10:05:58 am

Hi Tony

No I did not test webdav over SSL yet, but found another client (that does not work): morgul, an alternative filemanager for local, ftp and http/webdav resources (freeware)

I think this one just makes use of IE webdav layer since it gives the same error messages (without a trace in the ezp webdav.log).

And yes, a matrix of webdav clients was also on my mind (after the ez crew finishes the doc restructuring). Until now not much luck for windows clients.

I'll continue searching, since webdav support could make the difference in practical ezp based solutions where DMS-like features are a requirement.


Saturday 20 September 2003 11:03:01 am

It makes a connection, finds the siteaccess, but then it bumps: nothing to see. It may have something to do with a "lock" setting.

Entries appear in the webdavlog.txt

Skunkdav development appears to be halted

Saturday 20 September 2003 11:11:49 am

I agree with your comment about the windows client making the difference between a DMS project going ahead or not.

As for MS webdav, I am amazed that Microsoft would ship a product that doesn't work on its own platform blunk.gif Emoticon

Other webdav cms tools must use stable clients, i wonder what they use?

Sunday 21 September 2003 3:33:25 pm

Found a couple more, not opensource, but might be useful. I have not tried these yet.

TeamDrive -

Xythos WebFile -

Monday 13 October 2003 3:42:12 am

Folks I did some testing

please add your fluids

Monday 13 October 2003 9:57:31 am

Hi Björn,

I have made some changes based on our testing.

1.We have IE working but it does not work with authentication.
2. We found webdrive to work without flaw on XP platform.

We have found some issues with Webdav itself
1. It creates new versions every time you save a file.
2. It does not have roles for differing content.


Monday 13 October 2003 2:09:55 pm

Well if IE doesn't work without auth, whats the sense in using it. happy.gif Emoticon I don't want anybody to access my content tree and delete stuff

I will need to check webdrive again, I seems that I am dumb and not able to login with it.

Monday 13 October 2003 2:17:03 pm

webdrive works I think I typed my pass wrong.... same on me

Monday 13 October 2003 2:36:20 pm

The absence of file versioning makes it useless for me sad.gif Emoticon


Monday 13 October 2003 2:42:36 pm


You right about IE, but i can't get the webdav client to delete anything anyway sad.gif Emoticon But without roles and with the versioning problem its not useable anyway.



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