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movies stop loading after a few hours

movies stop loading after a few hours

Tuesday 01 August 2006 11:21:20 pm - 15 replies

why do the movies, .wmv .swf keep failing to load on pages after a few hours of being uploaded and placed on the pages?

Wednesday 02 August 2006 6:00:51 pm

There's no reason they should. What files stops loading?
Are they still in the var/storage directory? Do you get any error messages? What have you tried so far?

Wednesday 02 August 2006 6:26:52 pm

Windows Media Player cannot find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted.
thats the only error i get and i get that from right clicking on the player on the IE.

the next problem is the url. i upload the movies and they play for an hour i think, then stop, the url points here,

i load that in IE and i get this messaage:
Object is unavailable
The object you requested is not currently available.

Possible reasons for this are:

The id or name of the object was misspelled, try changing it.
The object is no longer available on the site.

looking in the /var/storage/ the only other 2 Dir's in there are, /packages/ and /images-versioned/
no other dir in there but them 2 and all are chmod to 777
i also have chmod to 777 /sexual_health/var 777/corporate_site 777/storage 777/ but no /corporate_site/content/download/491/2127/

i am using 3.8.0


operating system

mysql version

mysql Ver 12.22 Distrib 4.0.18
perl version

perl, v5.8.3
php version

PHP 4.4.1

i would like to know if i can upload movies direct to the server and play them on the pages without uploading via eZp and if so what would the xml code need to look like to embed them on the page?

thanx sammie

Thursday 03 August 2006 6:33:36 pm

Hello Sammie

At first sight this seems to be the results of this dangerous bug:

Upgrade to eZ publish 3.8.3, and see if it works then.

Good luck!

Friday 04 August 2006 2:31:10 am

thanx for telling me that, i first installed eZp 3.7.6 with lots of install probs, then i manages to install 3.8.0 i have built the whole site on this version, but could never make the site live because of the movies only working for a short time, my teche guy has quit because he installed the movies and blamed me for deleting the Dir they where in. when all i did was add a few more movies to the pages.

i then installed 3.8.1 and had the same problem, i couldnt work out what i was doing wrong, and spent hours crying over it. (then i got peeved at everyone here and told you to delete my account, sorry for that) but i know it's a good system and i want it, then i installed 3.8.2 with the same problem.

i have uploaded 3.8.3 and now have to manually rewrite over 150 pages and add pics and movies again, i sure hope it's fixed this time, you dont know what it's been like for the last 3 months trying to work out how to use eZp when you dont know anything about it. just the roles and polices part is a nightmare to work out, because the documentation is lacking.

but thanx i'll try again and see what happens this time, oh and at least the installer is better. less probs with that i must say.

sammie xXx

Modified on Friday 04 August 2006 2:34:43 am by sammie owen

Friday 04 August 2006 8:11:18 am

this bug is not fixed in 3.8.3 i just uploaded a movie it played for a while, i clear ezp ceche and poof my movies gone again. it comes back when i clear the browser ceche though, strange it is as though it has been moved while clearing the ceche

Modified on Friday 04 August 2006 8:17:57 am by sammie owen

Friday 04 August 2006 8:14:27 am

I'm glad you changed your mind about giving up eZ happy.gif Emoticon

I advise you to make regular backups of your data (db + var dir) and eventually to track the changes in the bug tracker ( ).

Friday 04 August 2006 8:30:01 am

i have one more movie related problem, i can only upload 2mb via eZp (server limit not eZp issue) i have to used FTP to upload more than 2mb files.

can you tell me how to upload a 10mb movie via ftp and then get eZp to play if on a page? i guess there is a way to play movie files that have not been uploaded via eZp? how would i go about it? what do i have to do and what code do i need to put on the page to play a .wmv file like that?

sammie xXx

Friday 04 August 2006 8:49:31 am

Ask the server admin to raise the upload file size limit, or let him enable WebDAV.

If this is not possible, you'll need an extension to do this in a clean way (dropping ftp-uploaded files in the content tree).

Depending on your rewrite rule configuration, you can also put the movie files in your site design and just load them like you would load a CSS file.

Friday 04 August 2006 8:56:38 am

i have hosting with i own the site and have a shared server so no shell access or command line. how do i enable webDAV?

or what extention is it i need?

thanx sammie xXx

Friday 04 August 2006 9:03:00 am

i have hosting with i own the site and have a shared server so no shell access or command line. how do i enable webDAV?

Take a look at the technical manual. But if you have shared hosting I'm afraid it will not have WebDAV enabled, and you will still struggle with the file size upload limit.

or what extention is it i need?

Maybe there's some script in the contributions, but you'll need shell access (or cronjobs) to run this.

Friday 04 August 2006 9:22:37 am

cronjobs <<server has them, not sure what they are but it has them on a page i can set them do do things.

looks like the css is the only way i can get around this, what do i have to do to do that?

would i have to call a css file to the one page i want the movie to play on? if so what code do i need to add? if you can tell me that is,.

sammie xXx

Friday 04 August 2006 9:54:50 am

Sorry, I think I was not clear enough about the design solution.

Just put your movie files in a directory under your design dir (e.g. design/plain_site/movies). If you want to make a link to them then just pass the url through the ezdesign operator ( ).

Example for a file design/plain_site/movies/test.mpg:

<a href={'movies/test.mpg'|ezdesign()}>my test movie</a>


Friday 04 August 2006 10:31:52 am

thanx sweetie your a star *hugz*

sammie xXx

Friday 04 August 2006 11:17:19 am

Glad I could help.

You owe me some free sexual health advice blunk.gif Emoticon

Friday 04 August 2006 11:43:17 am

my whole sites full of free sex ed, no ads nothing to divert you away from the page you are reading.
movies comming soon i hope lol clean ones anyway.:p

sammie xXx


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