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Moving articles in EZ without changing published date

Moving articles in EZ without changing published date

Wednesday 07 January 2004 1:25:57 pm - 2 replies

We have a intranet where we want to move some of the articles we have wrote in 2003 to a folder called 2003. Is it possible to move the articles without changing the published date?



Wednesday 07 January 2004 1:54:43 pm

To change the location of a content object (in your case, articles), you have to edit it and re-publish it. When re-publishing, the object's "published" attribute is not changed. It is the "modified" attribute that is updated (which is set to the current date-time). This means that you can move your articles safely as long as you only display the "published" value in the template. PS: A bulk-move would be easier to do directly from within the database since it is a bit tedious to move one article at the time using the admin interface. Hint: look in the "ezcontentobject_tree" table. It's all there.. happy.gif Emoticon


Modified on Wednesday 07 January 2004 2:02:39 pm by Balazs Halasy

Wednesday 24 March 2004 10:43:36 am

Balasz, excuse me if I sound a bit rude, but this forum would have been much more useful if you, (i.e. the eZ crew), could take the extra two minutes to explain how to actually <b>do</b> a bulk move in the database instead of just giving vague hints like this.

For us it would probably take several hours to figure out which sql statements to send to the mysql database to accomplish this, even with the hint.

And this is not the only thread where this has happened, and yes I know that support is what makes your wheels go around, but if you're posting on the forum anyway I don't see a problem in explaining things in more detail.

So in the future, please take the time be a bit more elaborate.

Best Regards


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