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Moving from eZ to Joomla

Moving from eZ to Joomla

Friday 19 December 2014 9:02:10 pm - 1 reply


I have a project to move an eZ site to Joomla. The owner is not concerned about content. He will create a Joomla site and add the content. He is concerned about his SEO. I mean he does not want the bots comes looking the like and find them not there.

What I can I do to preserve the SEO position after switching from eZ to Joomla?




Friday 19 December 2014 10:01:55 pm

Hello OOzy,

I think this question would be better asked in the Joomla community forums, etc since it's Joomla that will need to do the work to remain seo compatible.

In short though when in doubt I would generate a list of urls (of content) you must keep available (using a custom ezp script) and use *web server* redirects to keep the urls alive (since Joomla urls are nothing like the easy to use, human readable eZ Publish Urls).

Be aware of custom module view urls too which might need to remain available.

In short I use apache mod_rewrite rules and redirection to support your seo url transition initiative.

I hope this helps!



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