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Multiple workflows under a single trigger

Multiple workflows under a single trigger

Thursday 10 July 2003 10:50:12 pm - 10 replies


How do I publish multiple workflows under the <content publish before> trigger? I have several sections, and each section needs approval from a different editor. I tried using the Event/multiplexer but that does not seem to work (I get an error).

Thanks for your help,

Friday 11 July 2003 8:47:43 am

Hi Sebastian
Are you using eZ publish 3.0 or 3.1? The multiplexer was not ready for use in 3.0 and we have therefore no way of doing this. The multiplexer was finished for 3.1 and should work for what you are requesting. What is the error message you get?

Friday 11 July 2003 1:39:55 pm


Im using version 3.1-1 Revision: 2703. The error I get is:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /var/antenna/www/irc/public_html/kernel/classes/workflowtypes/event/ezmultiplexer/ezmultiplexertype.php on line 177
Fatal error: eZ publish did not finish it's request

Thanks for your help.

Friday 11 July 2003 1:53:27 pm

This is strange. I can't reproduce this error here. The error message you are refering to describes that the event can't information about the current node, but that doesn't make sense...
Are you having many muliplexer in a row in your event? If so, can you try to make a new workflow with only one multiplexer and se if you get the same error? What settings have you set on the multiplexer?

Friday 11 July 2003 2:21:23 pm

Hi, I have a single multiplexer. i tried a couple of combinations and currently I have:

sections: any
classes: any
users without workflow ids: none
workflow to run: Other workflow that runs successfully standalone, but not in combination with multiplexer.

I wondered if my data caused the error so i emptied ez_approve table, workflow tables and notification tables. Multiplex still did not work.

Kind regards,

Friday 11 July 2003 2:58:04 pm

This is very strange. Does this error happen on every node, or just on some classes? Does this also happen for all users (try to log in as admin and check if it happen here as well)?

Friday 11 July 2003 4:53:40 pm

Another way to do it, is to put couple of approval events one after another in one workflow, after that you can set up each of them for different editors and sections, for example first one is for section 1 and editor is user_1 for second you set up section 2 and user 2, the only problem in this case is that setting should not intersect.....

Friday 11 July 2003 9:35:12 pm

Probably the bug is in kermel/classes/workflow.php

function fetchEventIndexed( $index )

- return $list[ $index -1 ]["id"];
+ return $list[0]["id"];

Best regards,

Thursday 31 July 2003 3:19:02 pm

I have the same problem, does somebody have an answer for us?

Tuesday 26 August 2003 2:02:07 pm

Same problem also.... everyone has this problem and anyone know how to fix?


Wednesday 27 August 2003 1:40:57 pm

We have had some problems reproducing this bug, but it is now fixed in currect svn and will be available in the next release.


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