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Multiplexer still buggy in 3.2 ?

Multiplexer still buggy in 3.2 ?

Monday 22 September 2003 11:10:01 am - 3 replies

I've made a workflow with 1 multiplexer event, which is set to work for any section, contentclass id 2 (articles) and no workflow for guest users. If it meets the criteria, an approval workflow is started.

Then I created a new user (class id != 2), but as soon as I pressed "Send for publishing" I got a white page in IE. The same action in Firebird resulted in this:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in c:\ezp31beta1\ezpublish-3.2-1\kernel\classes\workflowtypes\event\ezmultiplexer\ezmultiplexertype.php on line 177

The debug output contained a bit more information:
[ Sep 22 2003 11:00:13 ] [] Timing Point: Module start 'content'
[ Sep 22 2003 11:00:13 ] [] Undefined offset: 0 in c:\ezp31beta1\ezpublish-3.2-1\kernel\classes\ezcontentobjecttreenode.php on line 2064
[ Sep 22 2003 11:00:13 ] [] Undefined variable: userID in c:\ezp31beta1\ezpublish-3.2-1\kernel\classes\datatypes\ezuser\ezuser.php on line 177
[ Sep 22 2003 11:00:13 ] [] Missing main operation memento for key: c2a6cc4835485f41303eee5d6d11c7a1
[ Sep 22 2003 11:00:13 ] [] Undefined index: user_id in c:\ezp31beta1\ezpublish-3.2-1\kernel\classes\ezworkflowprocess.php on line 156
[ Sep 22 2003 11:00:13 ] [] Undefined index: node_id in c:\ezp31beta1\ezpublish-3.2-1\kernel\classes\workflowtypes\event\ezmultiplexer\ezmultiplexertype.php on line 175
[ Sep 22 2003 11:00:13 ] [] Cannot fetch node from empty node ID

This is exactly the same error as before, but I thought this had been fixed (as suggested in various forum messages). Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Modified on Monday 22 September 2003 11:10:22 am by Hans Melis

Monday 22 September 2003 12:24:32 pm

Yes it is still there. I *think* that error is the same one that I was getting so the fix may or may not help. I managed to snap it up while svn was still up and if you like you can email as others have done and I can send it to you. I'm starting to feel like an svn server happy.gif Emoticon

willie dot seabrook at levity dot co dot nz

Monday 22 September 2003 1:29:19 pm

Are you sure you have a newer version of the file? This is the stable ezp 3.2 release (svn rev 3500 according to the admin interface).

I thought the fixes were done before the stable release.


Monday 22 September 2003 1:35:45 pm

Well the version I downloaded was the 3.2 release (on the day ez released the final). I'm not sure what svn it is.

Anyhow, I installed it and found that I was getting exactly the same error in 3.2 as I was in 3.1 before I dropped the fix into 3.1. So I ran a diff on the files - they were different and so I dropped the fixed file into 3.2 to replace the 3.2 file and everything worked perfect again.



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