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Mussen search engine

Mussen search engine

Monday 19 June 2006 4:20:35 pm - 2 replies

I have upgraded the Mussen plugin file to work with eZ publish version 3.6, and probably later. You can find the changes, including a number of bug fixes, here:

It works to some extent now; apparently, it still does not index all searchable fields, and there are some more issues to look at. For this, I would have to edit the ezpublishStrategy.groovy file. Has any one experience with this already, done some work on this? Don't like to duplicate work...



Monday 19 June 2006 8:59:51 pm

Hi Harry

I may inform you that our first milestone release of a Lucene (the same core libs as Mussen uses) based search plugin is imminent (summer conference). It supports all of Lucene and eZ publish happy.gif Emoticon), including all searchable ezp fields, the ezp role/policy system, and features not available before but most wanted (search across any combination of classes and fields for example). We added also index-time boosting of fields (attributes, metadata) based on ini settings to tune result ranking to specific setups/needs.

And it is very fast!!

We test from 3.7 onwards though



Tuesday 20 June 2006 2:33:48 pm

Hi Paul,

Sounds good, I should have known this months ago before we ordered the Mussen licence...

I will be happy to learn more about it at the Summer Conference




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